ZF “All-in-one” Super Clown





ZF”一体机“超级小丑Q1368420腕表 经典重现 深造归来!

ZF超级小丑——虽然姗姗来迟,但是诚意满满!ZF出品 必属精品!有请各路英雄好汉品鉴把关!

ZF “All-in-one” Super Clown Q1368420 Watch Classic Reappearance Return from further studies!
[Super detail] Size: 39mmX9.9mm1. The movement is developed and customized based on the original Cal938 core, and the internal and external structure similarity can reach 95%. 2. Restore the original date display, power reserve display, restore 28800 vibration frequency per hour 3. Extraordinary The watch case is polished to make it the most textured on the market
[Intimate gift] A pair of flexible and comfortable sweat-proof strap is presented-Italian calfskin on the front and natural rubber on the back, perfectly stitched. Anti-perspiration and antibacterial, the service life is much longer than that of traditional straps, and it is extremely comfortable to wear for a long time!

ZF Super Clown——Although he is late, he is full of sincerity! Produced by ZF, it must be a boutique! Please tasting and checking the heroes from all walks of life!


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