The upgraded version of NOOBFACTORY Paner PAM00111





The upgraded version of NOOBFACTORY Paner PAM00111, reshapes a higher level of classics, a true level of chaos. Equipped with Seagull 6497 manual bracelet mechanical movement, Incabloc shock absorber, 44mm.
The upgrade is as follows:
1. [Movement] The printing and printing layout of the movement is re-typesetting, the craftsmanship is the same as the original, and the font is imprinted, and then filled with oil and blue filler at high temperature, the color is uniform, the font is clear and textured.
2. [Bottom cover] The corroded characters on the bottom cover are later polished and polished manually. The luster of the handle is the same as the original one.
3. [Mirror] The mirror surface is more transparent and easier to read. The imported sapphire mirror is scratch-resistant and transparent.
4. [Shell cover] The diamond edge of the shell cover is polished more delicately, there is no difference between the gloss and the shell shape, and it can be used as the original.
5. [Handlebar] The handlebar screws and bridge protection can be made with original ones, opening and closing and winding feel very smooth and texture.
6. [Literature] Fine-tune the traditional literal structure of sandwiches, the luminous surface sinks more in line with the original, the opening position and font thickness kill other versions in the market.
7. [Luminous] The luminous coating is more uniform and the brightness is more eye-catching, which is no different from the original one.
8. [Watchband] Imported high-end Italian cowhide, handmade car thread. Compared with the ordinary version, it has a more hand-feel and is not easy to corrode with liquids.
Reshape the classics and pursue perfection




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