The unique and novel GR factory PP Baida Time zone function ref.5524 Calatrava Aviator





The unique and novel GR factory PP Baida Time zone function ref.5524 Calatrava Aviator’s travel time watch series is stunningly launched! [Dial] The rose gold coffee dial has a matte grainy texture, exquisite and restrained. The Arabic fluorescent coating font is also the same as the original product and has a three-dimensional effect, rendering the easy-to-read and rough style of the flight watch to the extreme. [Case] ​​Same as the original, the case body is 42 mm, the thickness is 10 mm, and the workmanship also inherits Patek Philippe’s consistent style. The case body is completely mirror-polished, smooth and delicate, enhances its visual sense, and achieves the ultimate in details. [Function] The 5524 series is a 24-hour time watch. The six digits are the same as the original and the calendar is the same as the original. The bottom of the large second hand in the center is the dual time zone time display. It is the same as the original. [Movement] Use the best quality Japanese imported 9015 to reproduce the original 324SC FUS movement, and the automatic winding device is suitable for daily wear. The sapphire perspective on the back can give you an unobstructed view. One of the most practical business travel watches was born in Yan. [Strap set buckle] The buckle uses a triangular pin buckle, which is convenient to wear and echoes the case, showing the overall aesthetics of this watch. With a blue leather strap, and decorated with beige stitching, the texture is comfortable, and the cowhide also makes the whole watch more retro. As the first PP pilot’s watch, 42 size is also full of tough guy style, but also a sports style watch, it is an ideal wrist companion for business travelers. “GR Factory” welcomes watch fans tasting


独特新颖GR工厂 PP百达 时区功能ref.5524 Calatrava飞行家旅行时间腕表系列惊艳登场!【表盘】玫瑰金咖啡表盘,表面有哑光颗粒质感、精致内敛,阿拉伯荧光涂层字体也同正品一致有立体感,将飞行表易读粗旷的风格渲染到极致。【表壳】同正品一致壳身为42毫米、厚度为10毫米、做工方面也继承百达翡丽的一贯作风、壳身完全镜面抛光处理,光滑细腻、增强其视觉感、在细节方面做到极致。【功能】5524系列为二十四小时制时间腕表,六位同正品一致是日历,中心大秒针底部则为双时区时间显示 与正品一致。【机芯】使用质量最好的日本进口9015改复刻原版324SC FUS机芯、自动上链装置适合每天佩戴,从背部蓝宝石透视底看能让你一览无遗尽收眼底。一只最实用的商旅手表于焉诞生。【表带集表扣】扣子使用三角型针扣,佩戴方便,与表壳相呼应,展现此腕表的整体美学。搭配蓝色皮表带,并以米色缝线装点,质感舒适,牛皮也让整款腕表更有复古味道。做为首款PP飞行员腕表,42尺寸也是尽现硬汉气派,同时也是一款运动风格腕表,更是商旅人士的理想腕上伴侣。 "GR工厂"恭迎表迷品鉴


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