solid shaft water ghost SUB-N factory





The most perfect solid shaft water ghost SUB-N factory [V10]! Give you a “10” all “10” beautiful water ghost SUB.
1: Upgrade the workmanship and fine polishing of the case and strap.
2: The overall ring mouth is made in the same way as the original, and the quality is interchangeable with the original.
3: Imported ceramic materials and fine craftsmanship of the ceramic ring can improve the texture and brightness of the ring.
4: The method of upgrading the ring mouth luminous beads, using the original technology oil pressure ring mouth luminous beads, bid farewell to the glue to post, it is not easy to fall off. Exclusive craftsmanship in the current market.
5: Correct the font of each number in the circle to achieve the same effect as the original version.
6: Improved circle mouth digital plating, using the original technology of high-tech platinum vacuum coating fonts. Truly never fade. (No fading. No fading. No fading).
7: The structure and workmanship of the ceramic ring are the same as the original. The hydraulic ceramic ring method is used to bid farewell to the adhesive paper. The current market exclusive technology.
8: The overall ring mouth adopts the eight-piece method to be the same as the original one, and every detail strives to be consistent with the original one.
9: The watch case and strap are made of 904L stainless steel, which is full of texture and wear-resistant.
10: Really achieve perfection in every detail at the cost, N Factory will give you a “perfect” replica of the Submariner Water Ghost SUB



6:改良圈口数字电镀,采用原版工艺高科技铂金真空涂层字体。真正做到永不退色。(不退色.不退色 不退色)。
10:不惜成本真正做到每个细节完美,N厂给你一个“十全十美”复 刻版潜航者水鬼SUB


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