PPF Patek Women’s Women’s Grenade





PPF Patek Women’s Women’s Grenade——Perfectly restore the full range of PATEK PHILIPPE-5067A quartz watches, bringing the best re-engraved products and ultimate experience in the entire network. [Watch strap buckle] 1. It is made of natural composite rubber (Tropical) material consistent with the original, durable and resistant to seawater erosion and ultraviolet radiation. 2. A perfect clone of the Aquanaut classic folding clasp, even on very small corners, it is chamfered to ensure the original comfort. [Case] 1. The size of the watch is 35.6X7.7mm. The rounded octagonal case is consistent with the original, maintaining a retro style and exquisite polishing. 2. The screw-in handle design and the solid bottom cover match the original version. 3. The bezel is inlaid with 46 top Swarovski crystals (1 carat in total). [Movement] The Swiss quartz movement is changed to PPCal.E23-250. Stable travel time, lasting battery life, and super cost-effective.

PPF 百达 女款女装手雷——完美还原PATEK PHILIPPE–5067A全系列石英腕表,带来全网最佳的复刻产品和极致体验。【表带 扣】1.采用与原装一致的天然复合橡胶(Tropical)材质,经久耐磨,可抵抗海水侵蚀和紫外线辐射。2.完美克隆Aquanaut经典式折叠式表扣,即使在非常细小的拐角处上也做有倒角润饰,确保还原正品般的舒适感。【表壳】1.腕表尺寸35.6X7.7mm 圆润的八角形表壳与原装一致,保持着复古的造型和精湛的打磨。2.旋入式把头设计和实心底盖吻合与原版,3.表圈镶嵌46颗顶级施华洛世奇水晶(共计1克拉)【机芯】瑞士石英机芯改PPCal.E23-250芯。走时稳定,续航持久,性价比超高。


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