OM’s new OMG Speedmaster “Snoopy Award”





OM’s new OMG Speedmaster “Snoopy Award” 50th Anniversary commemorative watch debuts domineering 【Professional Moonwatch】
[Case] The back of the case uses NAIAD lock technology to ensure that the engraved text is always in the correct position, and the sapphire glass back is printed with the image of the back of the moon and a disc
[Dial] Imitate the Ag925 sterling silver dial to create a silver-gray electroplated coating that looks more realistic. The blue dial at 9 o’clock is embossed with a silver badge with the “Snoopy” pattern even more unique!
[Glass] with a pot cover arc arched double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror
[Belt/steel strap] with a blue nylon strap/strap lining embossed “Apollo” No. 13 mission sailing track, with the new three-ball steel strap more fashionable and more comfortable to wear, the buckle logo is more retro. The case size is 42 mm with a black ceramic bezel, and the movement adopts the classic manual-winding chronograph movement (1863). It is complete after playing the manual chronograph movement! OM boutique, unique ingenuity

OM 全新OMG超霸“史努比奖”50周年纪念腕表霸气登场 【专业月球表】
【表盘】 仿造Ag925纯银表盘打造饰以银灰色电镀涂层看起来更逼真,9点位置的蓝色表盘压印“史努比”图案的银质徽章更显独特!
【皮带/钢带】搭配蓝色尼龙表带/表带衬里印压“阿波罗”13号任务航行轨道,搭配全新三珠钢带更加时髦佩戴更加舒适,表扣logo 更具复古气息。表壳尺寸42毫米搭配黑色陶瓷表圈,机芯采用经典手动上链计时机芯(1863)玩过手动计时机芯才算完整!OM精品 匠心独具


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