Longines PrimaLuna Ladies





浪琴心月系列月相女士腕表,专柜最新款 采用独家定制真月相(每月转一圈,正品一致)石英机芯,精钢圆形表壳,表径30.5mm,抗磨损合成双卜蓝宝石玻璃(数据同步正品),钻石刀CNC切割月相窗口,搭配罗马数字表盘 ,蓝钢指针,精钢表链搭配原装三折式表扣。一表一卡一码,认准独家品质 !出货实拍


Longines PrimaLuna Ladies watch, the latest version of the counter adopts an exclusive custom true moon phase (one turn per month, the authenticity is the same) quartz movement, stainless steel round case, diameter 30.5mm, anti-wear synthetic double dial Sapphire glass (genuine for data synchronization), diamond knife CNC cut moon phase window, with Roman numeral dial, blue steel hands, stainless steel bracelet with original three-fold buckle. One table, one card, one code, look for exclusive quality! Shipping real shot


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