Franck Muller Women’s Cask-Type Quartz Watch CINTREE CURVEX Series





【最美女表】法兰克穆勒 酒桶型女士石英腕表 CINTREE CURVEX系列 316L 精钢表壳,尺寸43×31毫米。CNC加工抛光表壳,底盖与表壳无缝拼接,精雕成形,底盖拉丝细腻,字体雕刻清晰。 拱形蓝宝石镜面,搭配制作过程相当繁琐的真正珍珠光贝母拱形表盘,立体精钢镀铑阿拉伯数字时标。 好的珍珠贝母表盘色彩可因光源,观察角度的不同而显出不同的亮丽光泽,璀璨夺目,绝不是其他劣质贝母盘面可媲美的机芯采用瑞士原装进口石英机芯 高等级水钻镶嵌,不惜成本制作,匠心打造,工艺完美。 搭配五种色彩进口美洲鳄鱼皮,表带背面也选择了与正品一样的反皮材料,快拆生耳,做到尽显唯美,高雅,最好的细节。出货实拍


[The most beautiful watch] Franck Muller barrel-shaped ladies quartz watch CINTREE CURVEX series 316L stainless steel case, size 43×31 mm. CNC processing and polishing the case, the bottom cover and the case are seamlessly spliced, finely carved and shaped, the bottom cover is finely brushed, and the lettering is clearly engraved. The arched sapphire mirror is matched with a true pearlescent mother-of-pearl arched dial with a cumbersome production process, and three-dimensional stainless steel rhodium-plated Arabic numeral hour markers. The color of a good mother-of-pearl dial can be different depending on the light source and the observation angle. It is dazzling. It is not comparable to other inferior mother-of-pearl dials. The movement is inlaid with high-grade rhinestones imported from the Swiss original quartz movement. Cost production, craftsmanship, perfect craftsmanship. Equipped with imported American crocodile leather in five colors, the back of the watchband also chooses the same anti-leather material as the genuine product, and the ears are quick-released, so as to show the beauty, elegance, and the best details. Shipping real shot


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