Franck Muller FM Vanguard Yachting V45 yacht series





The new version of the strap is on sale [color][color]Franck Muller FM Vanguard Yachting V45 yacht series 44×54 mm1. The case is 100% of the original model, especially the sandwich structure. The blue side grooves and the protruding head position in the middle of the case The blue ear position makes the production process of the case more difficult, and it took more than 10 months after many initial proofreading and finally successfully developed and produced. It is completely made of 316 stainless steel instead of low-cost plastic molds on the market. 2. This version of V45 Blue The literal of the color yacht literally adopts the original 1:1 digital concave edge filled with oil. The cost is high and the production is complicated. The yield is low. The lower layer has a magnifying glass and the gasket layer. The calendar window is also a sapphire magnifying glass. 3. The sapphire crystal glass with ultra-large arc and ultra-high-definition light transmission is made of a single piece of 40*50mm thick sapphire material 100% carefully ground according to the curvature of the case. The scrap rate is high and the yield rate is very low. 4. Diamond-encrusted version The buckle adopts the original version of the mold and the diamond-studded pin buckle that is consistent with the original V45 starry sky. The buckle is more convenient to wear. The ETA2824 movement with a high frequency amplitude of 28800 is accurate and stable in quality. The curved case design is close to the wrist. 6. The upgraded version of the steel head calendar. The high-grade rubber strap is softer and more comfortable. The only version in the market that can be used on the original watch strap V45 Blue Yacht Welcome your tasting

新版表带到货[色][色]Franck Muller 法兰克穆勒 FM Vanguard Yachting V45遊艇系列 44×54 mm1.表壳100%原版开模 特别是三明治结构表壳 中间内侧 蓝色的侧槽和把头位置凸出来的蓝色耳位 更是使表壳的制作过程更加困难 然后历时10个多月经过多次初版校对 终于研发制作成功 完全采用316精钢制作 而非市场低成本的塑胶模具 2.本版本V45蓝色游艇字面 每个字丁都是采用原装1:1高度的数字凹边内填油真丁 成本高 制作复杂 良品率低 字面下层有放大镜垫片层 日历窗也是采用蓝宝石放大镜 始终保持与原装可以通用的要求 精益求精 3.采用超大弧度 超高清透光的蓝宝石水晶玻璃 由一整块40*50mm 厚度超过15mm的蓝宝石原料 100%根据表壳弧度精心细磨 报废率高 成品率极低 4. 镶钻版表扣采用原版开模 与原装V45满天星一致的镶钻针扣表扣 更加方便佩戴 最大限度还原原版 光壳版 采用的是折叠按扣 与原版搭配一致 5. 压弯表针与字面贴合 搭配高频率振幅 28800的ETA2824机芯 走时精准 质量稳定 紧贴手腕的弧形表壳设计 6.升级版钢头历高级橡胶表带 更加柔软舒适 市场唯一版本 可以用于原装表的表带 V45蓝色游艇 欢迎您的品鉴


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