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Cartier Santos-Dumont

Men’s clothing: 43.5*31.4mm, thickness 7.3mm, women’s clothing 38*27.5mm, thickness 7.3mm

1: Watch case / 3D scanning from a major Taiwanese manufacturer to make a model to ensure that the case is fully consistent with the original data (according to this, most of the accessories can be interchanged with the original product). In the later period, all high-precision German CNC processing is used, and the machine parts are extremely consistent!

Two: The inner tank/the only solid inner cover in the whole network is the same as the original one, and the CNC handles the movement storage and fixed positions. The craftsmanship is complicated and exquisite (the general goods in the market are replaced with extremely low-grade plastic inner covers, so it is very light to get started).

Three: Movement/Original Swiss high-power quartz movement + Cartier A-level special splint, accurate timekeeping, zero repair!

4: Dial/CNC finely carved three-level silver-plated dial, orbital scale with slender three-dimensional Roman numeral hour markers, sunlight ray decoration effect, generous and clear!

Five: Mirror / French sapphire crystal glass treated with high penetration, the impression is imaginary.

Six: The leather strap + buckle/lower weight is made of imported Italian calfskin, the leather surface is pressed with crocodile skin, and the surface is polished with agate stone. The look, texture and feel are not inferior to the ordinary crocodile leather in the market! The bottom lining adopts the same Lippi, which is comfortable to wear! It is matched with Cartier’s iconic pin buckle that is modeled according to the original 1:1, which complements each other!

Seven: Pointer/Use the same quenched and burnt steel blue needle as the original, the rotation angle can show a gradual effect, very vivid!

Eight: The crown / iconic crown uses a five-axis linkage machine to make round beads, and after careful polishing, the beads are clear and round. The top of the crown is inlaid with cabochon (common goods on the market or with glue or synthetic glue, the color is dull and impermeable), which shows a moving luster under the light.

Nine: The whole watch is polished / the front and the side of the shell are drawn with silk processing, the sand grain is soft and clear! The shell surface and the sides are over-processed by the finishing line, so the lines are clear and lively! The round mouth light makes the mirror finish, and then decorated with the iconic exposed screws, the texture is highlighted!

Ten: The packaging/tag, warranty card, and bottom cover code are the same. This watch can be matched not only with formal business suits, but also with sports casual wear. The unfailing reputation and immortal design are the best products for self-wearing and gifting to relatives and friends! ! !


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