Baida PP5712GR “King of Steel King”





PPF has been working hard for three years, a real “core” work! Baida PP5712GR “King of Steel King” debuts at its peak! This is the truly milestone super all-in-one movement Cal.240 PS IRM C LU. 265 parts of the whole movement, flat hairspring, 21,600 oscillations per hour. Gyromax balance wheel with adjustable weights is stable and error-free. (Different from the existing fake movement cover deck and fake pearl dome on the market) The newly revised stainless steel watchband, the hinge part is developed according to the real Patek Philippe Nautilus stainless steel watchband, and the fit effect is the same as the genuine one, counterattack All copies on the market have the same hinge opening and closing angle as the original product, and the sound of the lock is the same as the original product. And the exclusive “Blue Charm” surface of PPF factory is infinitely close to the original version, and it is even more proud of the crowd! PPFactory. Forge ahead and be crowned king

PPF潜心三年 真“芯”之作!百达PP5712GR“钢王之王”巅峰出道了!这是真正具有里程碑意义的超级一体机芯Cal.240 PS IRM C LU。全机芯零件数265个,平面游丝,21600每小时振荡次数 Gyromax带调节砝码的摆轮,稳定无误差。(不同于市面上现有的假机芯盖甲板,假珍珠陀) 全新修正的不锈钢表带,铰链部分根据真正的百达翡丽鹦鹉螺不锈钢表带拆解开发,和正品一致的贴合效果,逆袭市面上所有副本,铰链开合角度和正品一致,锁毕声音和正品相同。而PPF厂独家的“蓝魅”面无限接近接近原版,更是傲视群雄!PPFactory.砥砺前行 加冕为王


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