AR super “V4 version” SUB water ghost





AR super “V4 version” SUB water ghost 116610 series 2824 movement model. A new look and stunning debut! Although there is still room for improvement in the pursuit of the same details of the original version, the improvements in the details of the “V4 version” are already shocking. Welcome all major watch fans to compare the products.

Super V4 upgrade points
1: The dragon and phoenix pattern of the super “V4” version of the buckle has the same engraving process as the original product, and the delicate and rough engraving lines are absolutely amazing. Note: Recently there has been a “so-called AR factory steel belt” and “real AR exclusive code “E5N” steel belt”. The difference here is too obvious. Watch fans and “modified masters” are welcome to take a closer look. Correct
2: The edges of the buckle are chamfered, and the curvature and size are also corrected to be consistent with the original. The real AR code “E5N” steel tape head grain chamfering treatment and a slight gap can better present the same visual effect as the original product ( Welcome masters from all walks of life)
3: Equipped with the latest and strongest version of the ceramic ring mouth (the color of the green ring is almost indistinguishable from the original product)
4: The inner shadow font is fine and rough, and the carving craftsmanship can better show the authentic visual taste
5: The raw ear upgrade has the same shape and size as the original one and can be interchanged and used
6: Upgrade to a solid bottom axis
A copy of the strongest SUB water ghost series-produced by AR

AR超级"V4版"SUB水鬼116610系列2824机芯款。焕然一新 惊艳登场!虽然在追求原版一致细节上还有进步空间,但此次"V4版"各细节提升方面足己让人为之震撼。欢迎各大表迷 细对 细品。

1:超级"V4"版表扣的龙凤图案与正品一致的雕刻工艺,细腻粗旷的雕刻纹路绝对让人惊艳。注意事项:近期市面上出现一条"所谓的AR厂钢带"与"真正的AR专属 编码"E5N"的钢带"此处区别过于明显不同,欢迎各表迷和"改装大师"们细品细对


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