A.P. Royal Oak 15202OR blue rose gold

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[ZF Factory2021 wall crack recommendation table nobles] A.P. Royal Oak 15202OR blue rose gold version of the blue gold noble color on the line, complementing the ZF re-engraved Royal Oak 15202 steel king series product line.
[Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 39MMX8.6MM! (The most book on the market)
1. Customized version of Cal.2121 movement (the base module is derived from Japan’s Citizen movement 9015)
2. The function of adjusting the calendar is the same as the original one!
3. The color of the plate surface is steady, steady and deep like the sea. The “biscuit pattern” is three-dimensional and naturally angular. The small patterns on the biscuit pattern are very delicate!
4. The AP steel belt produced by ZF is the same as the original product and won’t get caught in the hand hair! The official rose gold blue version is very popular! ZF has vividly reproduced the original charm, and is the best choice for the majority of watch lovers to pursue the luxury quality of life!
Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product. Welcome your tasting!


【ZF Factory2021墙裂推荐 表中贵族】爱.彼A.P皇家橡树 15202OR蓝面玫瑰金版本蓝金的贵族配色上线,补足了ZF复刻皇橡15202钢王系列产品线。
3.盘面颜色沉毅稳健 深邃如海 “饼干纹路”立体自然有棱角 饼干纹上的小纹,非常细腻!
ZF出品 必属精品 欢迎您的品鉴!

1 review for A.P. Royal Oak 15202OR blue rose gold

  1. YKK

    Great product. They use Chinese Seagull or Japanese movements. If you know something about watch, you know these movements are very reliable.

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